Urban Zombie

Augmented Reality Gamification

iOS App and Backend Game AI

Urban Zombie is an augmented reality 3D game that allows players to connect with friends, places and surrounding brands through a mobile device.

Urban Zombie lets users connect to everyday life through an immersive augmented reality platform accessed from their mobile device. It’s social, local, and­interest based. Business/brands can interact with players through the game in a compelling manner, which will have players SEEKING brands in real­life through the game experience.


The Big Read Dallas

iOS App

Thousands of copies of "Fahrenheit 451" by Ray Bradbury were put on the seats of buses and trains in Dallas, TX. The book was also given to high school students to read during April 2013. This app was designed to help them keep track of the pages read.

Client: The Big Read Dallas & D Magazine

Employer: Pro-bono via Collective Code

Role: Mobile Strategy & iOS Development

Webosaurs - Dino Surf

iOS Game

Race to the finish with your favorite Webosaur in Dino Surf. Dino Surf provides a mobile touchpoint for users looking to stay involved with familiar dinosaur characters on the go. Users play with pre-rendered 3D characters and race using the iPhone's motion controls. Webosaurs is lettings users unlock online content with a promoitional code by completing the mobile game.

Client: Webosaurs

Employer: Reel FX

Role: Mobile Strategy & iOS Development


Website & Content Management System

We were contacted by Blockbuster.Com team to help transformtheir retail e-commerce oriented web-site, into a content oriented destination site to support the corporate stores. First, we broke the project down into three key pieces. A content management application to help organize content in the categories of Movies, Games and Music. Second, a content distribution application to diliver the content to their audience. Finally, Blockbuster planned to integrate their retail and web presence through an On-Line Rental Reservation system, which would allow customers to reserve and pay for rental inventory at their local location on-line. This proved to be a diverse and challenging project, which we accepted and delivered with enthusiasm.

Client: Blockbuster

Role: Senior Architect & Lead Development

Hachette Filipacchi

Website & Content Management System

We were chosen by Hachette Filipacchi to create a content management and delivery system, which would allow magazines such as ELLE, CAR & DRIVER and ROAD & TRACK to utilize a master database of content, to help reduce the time needed to create and publish unique and duplicated content, as well as feed the same content in a different mix to multiple web properties. Hachette Filipacchi wanted us to build in the flexibility that would allow them to add new magazine and on-line properties at will, and support multiple international applications.

We worked with Hachette Filipacchi to successfully create the master CMA/CDA database and application, which allowed the client the desired flexibility to add new properties without any back-end changes, as well as the full documentation of the usability study, GUI design and development, and back-end CRM support.

Client: Hachette Filipacchi Magazines

Role: Senior Architect & Lead Development

Sony Style

In Store Kiosk

We were selected as the lead systems consultant to produce a custom application, which has sense become known as a "Virtual Jukebox". The Sony Style store in Manhattan had come up with the concept to allow consumers to sample any CD in their store at anytime, either through a touch-screen kiosk, or by scanning the bar code on the CD into the system to sample the music in the store. With today's technology, this is a feature that can be found in most serious home entertainment packages. However, we're talking about 1995, when a store full of CDs was considered "cutting edge" and MP3s were not invented yet.

We successfully produced an application "Ahead of its' time", as this entire system had to be constructed on an extremely tight deadline, with technology INVENTED by us on the fly.

Client: Eagle River Interactive

Role: Senior Architect & Lead Development

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